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RiseUp Labs.. Another Step In Information Availability.

Today I got this mail from RiseUp… Another step towards information availability.

For seven years, riseup.net has provided secure, movement-run services
to thousands of folks like you. We feel that in an era of automated mass
surveillance, it is a deeply radical act to provide secure alternatives
to the corporate interweb. Although we still have a lot of work to do to
improve reliability and expand capacity, lately we have become limited
by the available tools.

Like us, you have probably learned to be very creative at using the
tools available to you. But organizing and movement building are really
different than promoting a band or managing an office. You can certainly
limp along with existing tools, until youtube restricts your video for
having political content, or facebook closes your account for violating
the laws of any jurisdiction on earth (you are most likely breaking the
law somewhere!)

Enter Riseup Labs. Where riseup.net provides services for the movement,
Riseup Labs exists to promote the development of tools to meet the
unique needs of movement organizing. We have already begun this work. In
cooperation with others, Riseup Labs is actively developing social
networking software that is geared specifically to the needs of network
organizing and democratic collaboration. We are also planning to make
riseup.net nearly impossible to shut down, provide new services, and
greatly enhance your security and privacy.

But these are just our ideas. We want to hear from you. So here’s our
plan. In order to get your input, we are creating a space to allow you
to discuss your needs with others, propose your own projects, and vote
on proposals from other people. We will work to develop the most desired
proposals by providing funding and mentorship. We call this initiative
the “Freedom Summer of Code”. We hope to access the vast talent of
activist techies worldwide by providing stipends to complete specific

You probably knew this part was coming: in order to pull this off, we
need seed money to get started. Amazingly, we have secured $5,000
matching funds, but these are only available to us if you donate too.

In early 2008, Riseup Labs will be able to accept US tax deductible
donations as a 501c3 charitable non-profit. If you live in the US, this
means that the more you give to Riseup Labs, the less you will be giving
to military conquest. How can you pass that up?

Please make donations to:

Riseup Labs
PO Box 4282
Seattle, WA 98194

in love and struggle,
Riseup Labs

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