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Riseup Story Time

I feel That I owe Riseup something… I am so attracted to idea and proud to be Riseup user.

Blow The story of this great movement.

In our early days, all of Riseup’s servers were housed in people’s basements around Seattle. Though lovely in theory, in practice it meant that power outages, heat loving vermin shacking up with our boxes, and eco-conscious house guests turning off computers, could lead to collective panic. Our motto during this time was “Just as reliable as Hotmail.” We didn’t always know if we were doing the right thing spending so much time writing software, fixing bugs, and providing services, but we hoped it would grow and be good for the movement.

So here we are, seven years later, still hoping we are useful to people.
If you have any stories of how Riseup.net has affected your world, we would love to hear them, and might include a few in our newsletter this year. Please send them to pigeon@riseup.net.

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