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Event ID: 604 Source NTDS ISAM

Description NTDS (260) Must install language support for language id 0xxxx.

Event Type: Error Event


Event Category: General

Event ID:604

Date: 4/23/2008

Time: 03:34:12 AM

User: N/A


Description: NTDS 248 Must install language support for language ID xxxx.

This error happens if the domain controller or the Exchange server has users connect to it with this language Pack installed on users and missed on the server To solve this problem just install the missing language pack in this server

The language ID xxxx should also be found at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\NTDS\Language.Locate language ID xxxx and install the corresponding language pack:

Locale Language ID language in hexadecimal

Afrikaans                    436
Albanian                     041c
Arabic_Saudi_Arabia          401
Arabic_Iraq                  801
Arabic_Egypt                 0c01
Arabic_Libya                 1001
Arabic_Algeria               1401
Arabic_Morocco               1801
Arabic_Tunisia               1c01
Arabic_Oman                  2001
Arabic_Yemen                 2401
Arabic_Syria                 2801
Arabic_Jordan                2c01
Arabic_Lebanon               3001
Arabic_Kuwait                3401
Arabic_UAE                   3801
Arabic_Bahrain               3c01
Arabic_Qatar                 4001
Armenian                     042b
Azeri_Latin                  042c
Azeri_Cyrillic               082c
Basque                       042d
Belarusian                   423
Bulgarian                    402
Catalan                      403
Chinese_Taiwan               404
Chinese_PRC                  804
Chinese_Hong_Kong            0c04
Chinese_Singapore            1004
Chinese_Macau                1404
Croatian                     041a
Czech                        405
Danish                       406
Dutch_Standard               413
Dutch_Belgian                813
English_United_States        409
English_United_Kingdom       809
English_Australian           0c09
English_Canadian             1009
English_New_Zealand          1409
English_Irish                1809
English_South_Africa         1c09
English_Jamaica              2009
English_Caribbean            2409
English_Belize               2809
English_Trinidad             2c09
English_Zimbabwe             3009
English_Philippines          3409
Estonian                     425
Faeroese                     438
Farsi                        429
Finnish                      040b
French_Standard              040c
French_Belgian               080c
French_Canadian              0c0c
French_Swiss                 100c
French_Luxembourg            140c
French_Monaco                180c
Georgian                     437
German_Standard              407
German_Swiss                 807
German_Austrian              0c07
German_Luxembourg            1007
German_Liechtenstein         1407
Greek                        408
Hebrew                       040d
Hindi                        439
Hungarian                    040e
Icelandic                    040f
Indonesian                   421
Italian_Standard             410
Italian_Swiss                810
Japanese                     411
Kazakh                       043f
Konkani                      457
Korean                       412
Latvian                      426
Lithuanian                   427
Macedonian                   042f
Malay_Malaysia               043e
Malay_Brunei_Darussalam      083e
Marathi                      044e
Norwegian_Bokmal             414
Norwegian_Nynorsk            814
Polish                       415
Portuguese_Brazilian         416
Portuguese_Standard          816
Romanian                     418
Russian                      419
Sanskrit                     044f
Serbian_Latin                081a
Serbian_Cyrillic             0c1a
Slovak                       041b
Slovenian                    424
Spanish_Traditional_Sort     040a
Spanish_Mexican              080a
Spanish_Modern_Sort          0c0a
Spanish_Guatemala            100a
Spanish_Costa_Rica           140a
Spanish_Panama               180a
Spanish_Dominican_Republic   1c0a
Spanish_Venezuela            200a
Spanish_Colombia             240a
Spanish_Peru                 280a
Spanish_Argentina            2c0a
Spanish_Ecuador              300a
Spanish_Chile                340a
Spanish_Uruguay              380a
Spanish_Paraguay             3c0a
Spanish_Bolivia              400a
Spanish_El_Salvador          440a
Spanish_Honduras             480a
Spanish_Nicaragua            4c0a
Spanish_Puerto_Rico          500a
Swahili                      441
Swedish                      041d
Swedish_Finland              081d
Tamil                        449
Tatar                        444
Thai                         041e
Turkish                      041f
Ukrainian                    422
Urdu                         420
Uzbek_Latin                  443
Uzbek_Cyrillic               843
Vietnamese                   042a
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