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Find your Hyper-V Version

Error (2927)

A Hardware Management error has occurred trying to contact server Server.domain.local

(Unknown error (0x80338112))

Recommended Action

Check that WinRM is installed and running on server foo.foo.com. For more information use the command “winrm helpmsg hresult”.

You may face this problem with SCVMM 2008 beta and Hyper V host. you have to verify that your Hyper-V server and your SCVMM 2008 server are at the same Hyper-V patch revision level.

 This is becuase WinRM was modified with Hyper-V RC1.

 If your Hyper-V box was updated to 90050 (the Hyper-V RTM) then your SCVMM server must have the SCVMM 2008 beta Hyper-V RC1 fix installed (and the 90050 patch installed).

So how do you know which version of Hyper-V you’re running? 

The RTM release of Hyper is version number 6.0.6001.18016.

If you’re running Hyper-V on the full version of Windows Server 2008 you can open the Hyper-V manager then select the Help, About Hyper-V Manger. The version number 6.0.6001.18016 should be displayed in the About Hyper-V Manager dialog as you can see in the following Figure.



If you’re running Hyper-V on Server Core (or just prefer the command line method of doing things) then you can run the following command:

C:\>wmic datafile where name=”c:\\windows\\system32\\vmms.exe” get version

If you’ve got the current version of Hyper-V then you’ll see the following output:

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