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Hyper-V.. Get your right Tools for Successful Movement

Virtualization saves money. The more extensively you implement virtualization, the more savings you can realize across your IT infrastructure.

The question is how to use the right tool to estimate your next movement in the virtualization space.

Integrated Virtualization ROI Tool

Strengthen the case for your solutions, reduce your sales cycle, and
demonstrate the total cost of ownership advantage of Microsoft
virtualization solutions by leveraging the Microsoft Integrated
Virtualization return on investment (ROI) tool.

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool
The Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool manages the workflow of updating
large numbers of offline virtual machines according to their individual

Microsoft HyperGreen Tool to determine the reductions you can achieve in kilowatts, money and CO2 emissions.

Gear Up – Key Sales Enablement Tool
The World is buzzing around virtualization. Your customers, our competitors,
and the media are all talking about it. But everyone’s having the wrong
conversations. Virtualization is far bigger than what people think.
Together, Microsoft and you can tell a better story – one that completely
changes the game.  Download the kit in Onenote.

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