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Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection

Each virtual machine is opened in a separate Virtual Connection Manager interface (vmconnect.exe)

The Virtual machine Connection client application (VMconnect.exe) uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

The Single Port Listener for RDP in the Virtual Machine Management Service listens for incoming connection requests on TCP port 2179 on the parent partition.

The Virtual Machine Connection client application uses the Terminal Services ActiveX control, mstscax.dll  to make the connection to TCP port 2179 when it is launched.

This ActiveX control is the same ActiveX control that is used by the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client application, mstsc.exe.

The Virtual Machine Connection client application is simply a shell that utilizes the Terminal Services ActiveX control. This becomes most evident when the Virtual Machine Connection client application is set to the full screen view.

When the Virtual Machine Connection client application connects to port 2179, the Virtual Machine Management Service routes the communication to the worker process for the specified virtual machine.

At the current situation, it only allow one session when you connect to the Virtual Machine.


  1. January 7, 2009 at 9:12 pm


    I am unable to connect my client to a virtual machine running on the server. Im using vmconnect on the client with the following options:

    server: “my server ip”
    vm name: “my vm name”

    i get the foll error: RPC unavailable, could not connect….

    when i try to run vm connect from the server itself, it works fine on the server. im running the server using remote desktop.

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