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SCVMM installation Error ID 205

“System Center Virtual Machine Manager was not installed successfully. Review the error log information and then try running Setup again.
ID: 205. Details: Fatal error during installation”

This error mostly related to your domain environment and DNS resolution. When server is trying to install VMM it could not get the correct SPN in active directory.

to troubleshoot problem like that make sure of:

1- Your SCVMM is connected and authenticated by windows 2000 domain controller. Some times windows 2000 DCs raise this problem.VMM require domain level 2003 to go.

2- Verify that your VMM server FQDN is the same as your domain.

3- Remove the computer account from the domain and then rejoin again. Some times you have to do that.

4-Check the DNS resolution and verify that you can resolve your domain name well.

Updated: I see this error again but the problem was with the source of the VMM.. changing the media and get the new one form MS website solved the problem

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