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Backup Agent Causes Unsupported Cluster Configuration in SCVMM

It was an interesting case on the technet forum. Hyper-V Cluster is existing and the administrator trying to backup it using CommVault.

Every time the administrator try to backup the VMs he got Unsupported cluster configuration in the VMM, because clustered resource group is not configured correctly.

Microsoft point to same in KB 958184 in that scenario:

Hyper-V virtual machine files, such as the configuration.xml file or .vhd files, are saved on a volume in Windows Server 2008.

This volume is mounted on a failover cluster by using a volume GUID.

This volume does not have a drive letter or a mount point assigned.

You try to back up these virtual machine files by using a backup application, such as System Center Data Protection Manager 2007.

In this scenario, the backup operations fail and the virtual machine files cannot be backed up.

This problem occurs because the file path is misreported in the writer metadata that is sent to the backup applications by the Hyper-V Management service (Vmms.exe). Therefore, backup applications cannot recognize the volume, and the backup operations fail.

To solve this problem you have to install the hotfix in KB 958184.


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