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HP ML 370 G6, Network Problem with Hyper-V Guests

This is a new problem that  faced with HP Proliant ML 370 G6 . After Installing Windows 2008 SP2 and install Hyper-V finish all the configuration everything looks fine.

I start creating some Guest machines with Hyper-V console and joining the domain. We start see unexpected behavior like some missing PING packets and time out for DNS lookup. this looks strange as I tried a lot of HP servers and it worked fine. I made sure that HP Network Configuration is uninstalled but still facing the problem.

 I start suspecting the NIC as I saw problems like this due to NIC , After disabling IPv4 Checksum Offload J It worked fine.

 In most cases I can see that Guest machines are suffering in case of IPv4 Checksum Offload.


While I was searching online I found the same problem there and he recommend to disable all those:

 IPv4 Checksum Offload

TCP Checksum Offload IPv4

UCP Checksum Offload IPv4

TCP Checksum Offload IPv6

UCP Checksum Offload IPv6

  1. pippo
    December 13, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    Hp dl360 g6, same issue but disable offload not solve problem.

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