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VMM tricks: Force remove of Failed VM (WAIK dll error)

Sometimes you may face a problem like failed job of VM creation, like this One

Hello everyone,
I created 2 Ms in windows 2008 R2 (Core and full installs). After that I used SCVMM 2008 R2 to sysprep and save the VMs in the library. The process ended ok. After that I tested the deployment process which fails with an weird error (something like it is not possible to access the WAIK dll… or something like that), after this error I tested WAIK and everything appeared ok, so I decided to remove the 2008 R2 VMs from the library and then try repeat the process, now I get the Job error for each machine in the sysprep faze:

Error (802)
The VirtualHardDisk file W2008r2disk1 is already in use by another VirtualHardDisk.

Recommended Action
Wait for the object to become available, and then try the operation again.

In SCVMM I see the machine with the icon as if it was in progress but the only option that I have is to retry the job that also fails with the error:

Error (682)
A template cannot be created from virtual machine W2008r2.

Recommended Action
Stop or shut down the virtual machine, and then try the operation again.

Since that I know that I don’t have any VDH with the same name in the library, I guess this is information is on the DB somewhere

Any clues where this may be??

This was solved by using Windows Powershell commands

Try going into powershell interface and running the following command:

PS C:\> $VM = Get-VM -VMMServer VMMServer1.Contoso.com | where { $_.VMHost.Name -eq “VMHost01.Contoso.com” -and $_.Name -eq “VM01” }
PS C:\> Remove-VM -VM $VM -Force

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