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VMM tricks: How the #VMM Administrator Console Uses Virtual Machine Manager #Cmdlets

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008 R2 is a server application that you can use to manage virtual machines on a variety of virtualization platforms. As an alternative to using the VMM Administrator Console to administer your Virtual Machine Manager environment, you can use the cmdlets in the Windows PowerShell – Virtual Machine Manager command shell, which is an administrator-focused command-line shell.

The Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console is built on Windows PowerShell for Virtual Machine Manager. Customers who have installed VMM can access both standard Windows PowerShell cmdlets and VMM cmdlets in the VMM command shell. Windows PowerShell command-line Help for the standard Windows PowerShell cmdlets is provided with Windows Server 2008. The command-line Help for VMM cmdlets is provided with VMM.

The following synopsis of the standard call sequence for a hypothetical VMM Administrator Console operation illustrates the integration of Windows PowerShell and the VMM Administrator Console:

  1. The VMM Administrator Console makes a call to a Windows PowerShell cmdlet.
  2. The Windows PowerShell cmdlet makes a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) call to the VMM server service.
  3. VMM initiates a job if the operation changes state or is long-running and therefore needs to be audited or monitored asynchronously.
  4. VMM makes calls, as necessary, to read and update the VMM database.
  5. If necessary, VMM makes Windows Remote Management (WinRM) calls to access the remote hosts on which virtual machines are deployed or to access remote library servers on which VMM library resources are stored.
  6. WinRM calls access Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) methods on VMM hosts or library servers. These WMI methods are included with the operating system or with the VMM agent service.
  7. Some of the WMI methods call the Virtual Server component object model application programming interface (COM API).
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