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Gartner: 1 in 4 Server Workloads Will Be Virtual By Year-End

Gartner says one out of every four server workloads will be in a virtual machine by the end of 2010, but those enterprises should attempt to double or triple the size of their virtualization deployments.

The other day the folks at IDC published their worldwide quarterly server virtualization tracker report. You can see the news release here. Some of the main takeaways are:

·       18% of all new servers shipped in Q4’09 were virtualized, up 3% year over year

·       Sales of virtualized servers declined 14% for 2009

·       Virtualization licenses declined 7% for 2009, but were up 13% in Q4 compared to Q4 of 2008.

·       HP was the #1 server OEM for annual new server shipments virtualized (38%), followed by Dell (28%) and IBM (15%).

·       IDC said virtualization continues to remain a top priority

IDC didn’t publish market share for virtualization software licenses, but rather published growth stats. VMware, Microsoft and Citrix were the only vendors called out in the news release. See IDC’s news release for details.

So what does it means?

Virtualization is still the hot topic for the New Year.  VMware, Microsoft and Citrix should expect other players to share the market with like Oracle and Cisco.

This would also reflect on customers interest on cloud computing. Customers are learning more about our PaaS, Saas and IaaS capabilities to help them transition to the cloud.

It is important to recognize that cloud services are often but not always utilized in conjunction with, and enabled by, virtualization technologies.  There is no requirement, however, that ties the abstraction of resources to virtualization technologies and in many offerings virtualization by hypervisor or operating system container is not utilized.



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