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Egypt: We are in this together

long time ago I decidedfor one day to keep this blog as a technical one and tried hard to keep this decision. The new year 2011 was kind with me and started with some good personal achievements but actually on the other side a very sad news were hitting me and really I am still shocked in my deep.

New year started with terrorist attacks which targeted places of worship in the Egyptian City of Alexandria on New Year’s Eve, causing the loss of many lives and wounding many other persons.

At midnight on December 31, during the New Year’s Mass, a Islamist terrorist attack at the church of Saints of Alexandria in Egypt caused 22 deaths and 79 wounded, most of whom were Coptic Orthodox Christians.

The BBC’s Arab affairs analyst Magdi Abdelhadi says the Alexandria bombing is likely to intensify the growing feeling among Christians in the Middle East that they are a community under attack.

Established during Apostolic times, the Christian church in Egypt represents a minority in the Islamic country. Since Coptic Orthodox Christians use the Alexandrian calendar, which is based on the ancient Egyptian calendar, the observance of Christmas falls on January 7.

I, along many, take this bombing very personally, I still believe that “we are in this together”. Egyptians hope for a peaceful Coptic Christmas and I will join in the Coptic prayers on 6th of January praying to victims souls to rest in peace. Hope that everyone who read this blog will pray for our victims to rest in peace.

Tonight, Egyptians everywhere will end the prayer the Alexandria churchgoers were not given the chance to finish.

May the victims rest in peace, and may their families find the strength to carry on.

This blog will be closed in Solidarity with Egyptians victims.


Egypt bomb kills 21 at Alexandria Coptic church


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