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Hyper-V Backups Fail with Error 2155248001

One interesting case for hyper-V backup is logged there



“ I have several Hyper-V boxes where windows server backups are failing.

Error message number from event viewer is 2155348001.

If I shutdown or save the guests, the backup works. Host OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 installed. Guests are server 2003 or Windows XP.

So far I have tried deleting all shadow copy snapshots from the host as well as making sure the guests have enough free space.

I have deleted and re-created the backup several times and tried several backup devices ranging from USB to iSCSI to adding a second internal drive array. Guests are also running the newest version of the guest additions.

I have one server where I was able to figure out which guest the backup does not like. If I pause or shutdown that one guest, the backup works with the other guest still running. At think the problem is somewhere in Hyper-V, but I am not sure where to look next.”



it was due to the timeout for VSS creation. Default is 10 min.



This article shows how to set it to something else. Increasing the timeout fixed the backup. On my server creating the snapshots took 10min 30 seconds.


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