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VM Create from VMM SSP v2.0 SP1 (beta) fails with boot from ISO

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If I create the VM from VMM 2008 R2 it "fails" on "Install VM Components" because there is no OS yet. But I can then start VM from VMM and boots from ISO just fine.

From SSP it fails with:

Parameters cannot be specified for the guest operating system because the selected template was created as a non-customizable template (-NoCustomization parameter). (Error ID: 730) Please retry the operation without specifying guest operating system parameters.

Have tried with/without a synthetic network adapter and have also tried a custom action without the -Owner $SubmittedBy -ComputerName $vmName -FullName $submittedBy from the New-VM entries in the createvm task.


Santos from MS give one shoot solution

The Action xml segment which does not have " -Owner $SubmittedBy -ComputerName $vmName -FullName $submittedBy" needs to be associated with Service role in which virtual machines are being created and then select that service role during create virtual machine wizard. This should resolve your issue.  You can also refer to "Associating an Action XML Segment with a Service Role" in VMM08R2_VMMSSPExtensibilityGuide.

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