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Microsoft Virtual Academy: System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012

The MVA has just released a  new course for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012

This course focuses on how using System Center Virtual Machine Manger 2012 can help your business build, deploy, and maintain a private cloud. After completing these three modules you will have learnt about the Virtual Machine Manger 2012 product, and the features it utilizes to build and support the virtualized and physical resources that are part of your private cloud infrastructure. The course will also expose you to cloud computing at the business level, from the perspective of Virtual Machine Manger 2012, and show how to extend that knowledge to the technical level. The last module will show you how to manage applications within your private cloud using Virtual Machine Manger 2012 to deploy, update, and manage them. At the end, we will have illustrated how using Virtual Machine Manger 2012 as part of your private cloud infrastructure will benefit both your organization and the IT Pro.


Overview of Virtual Machine Manager 2012

This module explains how enterprise datacenters are evolving, and the evolution toward highly virtualized infrastructures. We explain how VMM 2012 enables you to evolve your infrastructure to the cloud by giving you a set of management tools to allow you to manage the environment, both the underlying physical infrastructure and the virtualized infrastructure. We will show you how VMM 2012 fits with Microsoft’s cloud and datacenter management vision, to deliver common management experiences across private and public clouds. Illustrating how to deliver IT as a Service on your terms with flexible, management across your hybrid environments.

Using VMM 2012 to Configure a Private Cloud

Through this course, you will see how using VMM 2012 to provision your private cloud infrastructure and applications can deliver a flexible and cost-effective infrastructure. This course will teach you the basics of deployment and upgrading your virtual environment, the fundamentals of fabric management, and private cloud usage scenarios. By taking this course and learning the fundamentals of building and delegating clouds, you will be able to better provision and optimize your application services and virtualization management practices.

Modelling and Maintaining Virtualized Services in VMM 2012

In this module you will learn the benefits of modeling and maintaining virtualized services in VMM 2012. After completing the course, you will understand the benefits of services in VMM 2012. We will show you this by providing a detailed overview of the services lifecycle, and how using the new Service Designer in the product can help you to create, and customize deployments. This will enable you to better deploy services to the private cloud, and ensure repeatable and predictable updating of a service. Overall, this will increase the capabilities and benefits to your organization and to the IT Professional.

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