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VMM tricks : Delete VM from VMware cause “Invalid datastore path”

System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) enables you to deploy and manage virtual machines and services across multiple hypervisor platforms, including VMware ESX and ESXi hosts. In VMM, support for ESX is optimized for virtual machine and service management. VMM enables you to manage and provide resources from multiple hypervisors and make the resources available to private cloud deployments, all from a common user interface and common command-line interface (CLI).

VMM 2012 helps customers to migrate from VMware to Hyper-v using V2V feature. I saw a common case that happened for 2 of my customers

Symptons :

When you try to delete VM that are hosted on VMware Cluster from VMM Console or Sync VMM with vCenter you get this error.


Error (2947)
Virtual Machine Manager cannot complete the VirtualCenter action on the server XYZ.Domin.Local because of the following error: Invalid datastore path ‘[ESX_Datastore] ‘
Unknown error (0x194)

Recommended Action
Resolve the issue and then try the operation again.



This error happens after migration of VM from VMware to Hyper-V using VMM. if you delete the “VM files, Storage” from VMware cluster using the vCenter console “not the VMM Console “ and then try to Refresh VMware Cluster you still able to see the VM. If you tried to delete it again from VMM Console you will get this error


You can use PowerShell to force remove that VM:

$VM = Get-VM -Name "VM Name"
Remove-VM -VM $VM –Force

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