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VMM Tricks: SCVMM 2008 R2 Adding Cluster Warning13926

Symptons :

When you try to add Hyper-v Cluster to VMM 2008 R2 you get warning 13926.

Host cluster ClusterFQDN was not fully refreshed because not all of the nodes could be contacted. Highly available storage and virtual network information reported for this cluster might be inaccurate.

Recommended Action

Ensure that all the nodes are online and do not have Not Responding status in Virtual Machine Manager. Then refresh the host cluster again.


This issue could be caused by the following factors: WinRM does not work on the machine intended to be a managed host, account issue.


1. Check the status of hosts in VMM.
2. Run command winrm id on every hosts.
3. Run command winrm id and winrm qc on the problematic machine which is intended to be a managed host. If there is any error message, please let me know.
4. Run command winrm id –r:ProblematicMachine to check if we can establish a connection. 5. Refresh problematic machine manually on cluster.
6. Check if SCVMM computer account in local admin group in hosts.

Please give me the detailed description of your SCVMM topology, for example the name of VMM server, the name of every node within cluster, and the IP addresses.

Please install the following hotfixes on the server intended to become a managed host. Please first do a full system backup.
1. 968936 A rollup hotfix package for Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering WMI provider
2. 971403 The “Win32_share” WMI class cannot enumerate file shares or create file shares on a node in a Windows Server 2008 failover cluster
3. 970520 The Wmiprvse.exe process creates a memory leak on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 if you remotely monitor this process by using the WMI interface on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP
4. 2008835 Adding a single node cluster into System Center Virtual Machine Manager may take an extended period of time and complete with a warning (13926)

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