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VMM 2012 Console crash after Rollup 2 update

A very serious problem after installing VMM 2012 CU2 is reported on VMM forums



When you install CU2 on your VMM Server/s After installation and reboot, management console crash everytime i go inside “Jobs” Panel and i click on any of the tasks.

Same result trying from inside/outside cluster and updated/non updated console.


Marc opened a case with MS and It seems to be a bug in the localisation Sad smile


So if you have non English VMM please wait for a while before applying Cu2


Temporary fix is to uninstall console and install again from System Center RTM iso. (and don’t update it to RU2 for the moment)



Some infos from from the support case.

  • Uninstall Update Rollup 2 until a fix is released.
  • Force the console to use English by renaming the “Microsoft.VirtualManager.UI.Pages.Jobs.resources.dll” file in the appropriate language folder under C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012\Virtual Machine Manager\bin.

First point is a kwown workaround! To the second point, I was able unable to test it yet.


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